Park Locations

COMMUNITY AQUATIC & SKATE PARK ----- 2001 Stadium Drive. 12 acres; two pools; street-style skate park; picnic areas; nature trail; 2-5 yr. old play unit.

COMPASS ROSE (formerly Triangle) PARK ----- 811 Highway 35 North. Ornamental, with view of Little Bay. Contains a registered labyrinth.

MATHIS PARK ----- 801 South Live Oak Street. Basketball, swings, picnic site, neighborhood park.

MEMORIAL PARK ----- 1601 North Pearl Street. The largest multi-activity city community park.

SPENCER PARK ----- 400 East Bay. Neighborhood park.

TULE HIKE AND BIKE TRAIL – Enter at the North entrance to Walmart and turn right into the parking area in front of the gazebo.

TULE PARK ----- 2105 Picton Lane. "Open space."

WATER STREET HIKE & BIKE TRAIL ----- Paved pedestrian lane paralleling Aransas Bay.

WETLAND POND/DEMO GARDENS ----- Highway 35 North. Boardwalk and nature trail adjoining wetland with wildlife viewing. Also a 0.8 mile (one way; 1.6 mile round-trip) historic trail ending at Little Bay.

ZACHARY TAYLOR ARBORETUM PARK ----- 702 S. Pearl Street. Ornamental